RoomFinder v2

Google Apps Script for checking meeting rooms

This tool consists of two parts: the Apps Script, and the backup Google Sheet, which contains a list of meeting rooms, names, emails, and priority. Both are view only, so copy both over to your work Google Account. It'll need to auth the first time it manually runs.


  1. Copy both documents over to your Google account
  2. Manually pull list of meeting rooms & emails (need to view source within a calendar event to get room emails), add to sheet
  3. Update script to find sheet by name
  4. On the LHS of google calendar, copy paste each meeting room email from step 2 into "Add a friend's calendar" to add to your calendars
  5. Run initialSetup, which will hide all the new meeting rooms
  6. Click the button for "Current project's triggers", and set myFunction to run on the minute

v1 for Posterity. Note the unnecessary calls to Calendar, especially w.r.t. checking start times of each event against the one timeslot I was looking for: ((event.getStartTime() <= timeStart && event.getEndTime() > timeStart) x 4).